GMA-AIESEC Global Exchange program.

Global Media Alliance has partnered with AIESEC, the largest student-run organization in the world for 5 years. For more than 60 years, AIESEC has provided an international platform, in over 100 countries, for students to explore and develop their leadership potential. One of the major programs of AIESEC is Global Internship whereby interns get an opportunity to live and work in foreign countries for a period of 6months to 1 year. 

This experience exposes the interns to a new cultural understanding and a real opportunity for interns to acquire international leadership experience.

This partnership has provided GMA the opportunity to offer more than internship contracts, which have all been successfully completed, to students from United Sates of America, Lithuania, Italy, India, Kenya, Norway and Greece. GMA has built relationships with graduates from many cultures, whose talents may prove to be of future value for the company. 

Read Aqua’s AIESEC exchange experience at GMA


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