Silverbird Cinemas

Global Media Alliance, in collaboration with Silverbird Group, established Silverbird Entertainment Ghana Limited ("Silverbird"), located at the most prominent location at Accra Mall. After years of discussing and visualizing today’s multiplex state of art, Silverbird Ghana was launched in November 2008.

Silverbird's operations include Silverbird Cinemas, an international multiplex cinema, a game arcade and Silverbird Lifestyle, a lifestyle store. Silverbird provides Ghanaians with a one-stop-shop for quality entertainment and combines cinemas, books, music, movies and food into an unsurpassed retail shopping experience for the trendy customer. With its combined retail opportunities, Global Media Alliance offers partners/clients a platform to develop and strengthen brand loyalty amongst customers.

This partnership is one of the most solid and sustainable that Global Media Alliance has established. The ultimate vision of the partnership – achieve market dominance in Entertainment across Africa - is so aligned to both parties’ vision, that when it comes to resources and intelligence sharing, there are no questions asked. It’s this passion that both Global Media Alliance and Silverbird Group shared about this project, which made it successful and profitable.

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