e.tv Ghana


e.tv Ghana is the latest free-to-air commercial television channel aimed at bringing the widest audience of Ghanaians the best programming on the planet. The TV station was born out of the partnership between Global Media Alliance and Sabido Group, parent company of e.tv South Africa, the largest English-medium channel in South Africa. Starting with expanding operations in Ghana, e.tv envisions becoming the market leader in West Africa, by providing premium quality television services and e.tv Ghana is fully aligned to this goal.

Capitalizing on this partnership, e.tv Ghana will benefit greatly from both the TV broadcasting experience and expertise, as well as the content acquisition that e.tv South Africa is bringing on the table.

And so it came to be in October 2009 when, after several transmission tests, e.tv Ghana officially went on air, introducing to the Ghanaian citizens the latest technology in TV broadcasting, so as to deliver crystal clear images.

Our unique and premier programming line-up includes both international and local news, sports, soapies, and cartoons for fans of all ages and interests. Celebrated international series like Scandal!, Rhythm City, The Young and Restless, Fear Factor, WWE Wrestling and blockbuster movies will entertain viewers, while local programs such as Awake, State of the Nation, eBusiness Journaland The Be Bold Show will ensure the promotion of indigenous reality. More updates on the program line-up can be acquired from the Schedule page.

Reaching all households across Ghana is our ultimate goal and therefore from the early beginning of the station, e.tv Ghana entered into a broadcasting agreement with Skyy television network, a pay-television provider in Ghana. This enables viewers outside of Accra to enjoy e.tv Ghana programs, by using a Skyy TV set-up box.

The launch of e.tv Ghana creates more intriguing opportunities for advertisers, from sponsorship to classical spot buying and more importantly exclusive category ownership opportunities. We have already established ourselves at the forefront of Ghana's broadcast sector. Consequently, e.tv Ghana and our on-screen and off-screen talent have constantly received nominations and awards for our contribution to Ghanaian television.

While experience, quality and reach are growing and evolving, e.tv Ghana is up for the challenge of championing television entertainment across the country. “All that you need is a television set, and our broadcast centre will send you the best selection of world-class shows for your ultimate enjoyment”, as promise by e.tv Ghana crew.

For more information on e.tv Ghana, visit: http://www.etvghana.com


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